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I fully believe you CAN do multiple things that make you come alive, it just takes a little creativity, focus, and balance.

In life we wear a number of hats — it can be overwhelming and frustrating if you aren’t being purposeful with your time and intentions. I’m here to help you achieve your dream life, not in spite of the many hats you wear, but because these passions shape who you are!

One of my personal hats, happens to be a passion for helping other women identify and create lives that reach their potential. We have a hand in the story that we are living and with a little time and effort we can design a life that reflects our passions, that sustains our families, that brings us fulfillment and yes, even replaces that overwhelm with joy. 

You can either choose to wait around and hope life gives you what you want—or you can choose to jump up and put in the work to make your dream come true.

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The Tabitha Blue Course Collection

Welcome to the first day of your new life! We’ve created these workshops and this space to be a place filled with resources to help you focus your thoughts, hopes, fears, and intentions, and to learn strategies and gain tools that will help you fall in love with your life again. So, grab your favorite drink, and let’s dream, laugh, plan, and create the lives we’ve always imagined.

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Our lives and days get so filled with responsibilities, expectations, errands, and projects, that we blink and a week has gone by, then a month, then a year… and we are left feeling as if our lives are missing something.

Have you been feeling that overwhelm? Have you forgotten — or possibly never even realized — what brings YOU joy because you’re so busy with life?

Our Visionary Workshop helps you identify what’s truly important and gives you the tools to bring those things to the forefront of your life and get rid of things that don’t align with your vision. So grab your notebook and learn how to reclaim your time, own your future, and dream big.

let's design a life you love

essentials for an organized life

Say goodbye to your over-crowded desk. Designed specifically to help bring balance and order to your day to day life, our collection of Planning Worksheets includes 16 comprehensively designed planning sheets that span meal planning, financial planning, goal setting, social media content planning and daily/weekly/monthly scheduling.

Get organized, set goals, and keep track of your progress.

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let's design a life you love

Hey there, I'm Tabitha!

born and bred michigander turned floridian

….after being drawn to the that salt water life.

No matter where my feet may take me… to the shore line or the comfort of my favorite spot (my bed!), I am always thinking about and pursuing my passion to empower busy women + moms (YOU!) to feel organized to do more of what you love.

Tabitha Blue

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